Nurture Checklist

Hello my beautiful friends, I recently uploaded an image to instagram about nurturing our mental health during COVID-19 (scroll down to view). This image I've uploaded here, is the instagram story version for you to share with your friends and to help you stay accountable to your mental health during this hard time. All you…

Should I Do Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India?

The answer to this question is found in this blog! Should you go to India to do your Yoga Teacher Training? Here you will find my daily schedule, what it was like, what to bring and how I found the whole experience!

How To Win an F45 8 Week Challenge!

If you've ever wanted to participate in an F45 8 Week Challenge but have no idea what to do or to expect? This is the blog for you!

Your New Year’s Resolution Can ‘Weight’.

An honest talk about New Years resolutions and a new look into healthy and achievable goals.

My relationship with food – Before and After My F45 8 Week Challenge

In this blog I talk about my struggle with weight and how my relationship with food has changed over the past few years.