Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, we are back this week with a deeply insightful episode with the lovely Shannah Kennedy. Shannah is the best selling author of The Life Plan. She is a coach, keynote speaker, wife, mother and author of multiple books, including her newest ‘Plan B. A guide to navigating and embracing change’.

In this episode we discuss her new book and some fundamental elements of adapting to change that the book guides the reader through. We gain some perspective into Shannah’s life, as someone who has managed chronic fatigue and depression for over 20 years. Shannah talks openly about these struggles, and does so to help others out there know that they are not alone.

This new book serves as a journal companion, asking poignant questions and asking you to reflect and to learn more about yourself. It is the type of guide that I myself wish that I had access to early last year as the pandemic was beginning and as I was very unwell and managing the loss of a loved one. At that time, there was so much change in so little time and nothing to help me through logically. This book aims to assist with those massive life changes and how to move through the stages of grief, introduce more self nurture, letting go and beginning to take the next step forward.

Together Shannah and I discuss:

  • tools for navigating lockdowns mindfully
  • why routine is an important part of life and productivity
  • how we can look for joy in every day tasks
  • reframing the ‘achievement junkie’ mindset
  • Shannah’s experience with depression and chronic fatigue
  • why we should allow ourselves to sit within our emotions
  • uncovering your purpose and getting clear on your values
  • why we should step outside our comfort zone and say ‘yes’ more
  • using the word ‘no’ to protect your energy
  • how you can help more people in your life by helping yourself
  • why we need to overcome our barrier to ‘recieving’
  • how you can start using affirmations today
  • why you should incorporate a journal practise
  • why it’s important that we understand the stages of grief and how they apply to any change
  • training ourselves to come back to the breath

An absolutely marvellous and uplifting episode ahead, I am so excited for you to listen!

Thank you for joining Shannah and I for todays episode, if you would like to connect with Shannah then you can find and work with her through her website shannahkennedy.com, or through Instagram instagram.com/shannahkennedy/, or purchase her new book Plan B. here https://www.target.com.au/p/plan-b-shannah-kennedy/65496855?utm_term=65496855&utm_content=plan-b-shannah-kennedy&utm_source=google&utm_medium=merchant-site&utm_campaign=merchant-site&gclid=CjwKCAjwuvmHBhAxEiwAWAYj-HX_plUuEbjdfKwmbaPlR2lHMLghi-29yZq73jmMfQmmlsJkv_2dfBoCWSUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds.

Another big thank you goes out to todays podcast sponsor Koala Comforts for making todays episode possible (https://www.koalacomforts.com.au/products/knitted-weighted-blanket?variant=32486366576691). Koala Comforts are a 100% Aussie owned luxury homewares brand specialising in feel-good, self-care products with an environmentally friendly heart.

After purchasing my own knitted weighted blanket through them at the beginning of June, I immediately noticed the benefits after only one night. I slept all the way through, which is not something that happens to me very often at all. For a long time I have been a restless sleeper and would wake numerous times throughout the night, significantly impacting my energy levels the next day.

Before life with a weighted blanket, I was sleeping with a second doona and an extra two blankets on top, each and every night… I was desperately seeking weight on top, I just hadn’t realised it. I was so thrilled with the results of my weighted blanket that I decided to contact Koala Comforts to see if they would like to work together.

As most of you know, working with businesses with a strong sustainability and environmentally friendly focus is extremely important to me, and Koala Comforts ticked all the boxes. They use 100% organic and sustainable bamboo, recycled materials where possible, they plant a tree with every purchase (sequestering 101 tonnes of CO2 to date, see where they are planting trees here) and they also use carbon neutral delivery services. This was a massive reason behind why I chose to purchase my blanket through them (that’s right, it was not gifted – I purchased it on my own accord).

Koala Comforts have the largest range of sizes, weights and colours you can find anywhere in Australia. My weighted blanket has significantly improved my sleep, and therefore energy levels and is an item I do not think I could ever live without now… and that is no joke! If you would like to get your hands on one you can head to this link and enter STEPH10 at checkout for 10% off your order.

Thank you again for joining us for todays episode.
If you would like to connect then you can find your host on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/stephsanzaro/?hl=en or send through any interview queries or sponsor requests via email to steph@stephsanzaro.com

Happy listening,

Your host xx

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