Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today I am very excited to share this incredible interview with Simon Hill from Plant Proof, recorded back at the beginning of May. Simon is the host of the very well known podcast The Plant Proof Podcast, Author of The Proof is in the Plants, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist and the content creator behind the wonderful Instagram account and blog of the same name @plant_proof.

Simon has a thirst for knowledge and when he found himself questioning his future and the fate of his health years after his own fathers cardiac event, he knew it was time to dive into the research and to start planning for longevity, whilst still being able to pursue his physical and fitness goals. It was on this journey that he first found the plant-based diet.

Since then Simon has dedicated countless hours to sifting through the research and providing his podcast listeners and followers with unbiased and non-agenda based facts and information. He has deservedly found himself as one of the most trusted voices within the nutrition world.

For many years Simon’s voice has served as a very large inspiration for me and was one of the main motivations behind creating my own podcast. Recording this interview together was a really humbling experience and an incredible opportunity to connect with a like-minded soul.

For a quick wrap on todays podcast, Simon and I will be discussing:

  • Simon’s Dad’s heart attack, and how it started him on his plant-based path years later
  • outrunning a ‘certain fate’ of a future cardiac event and how it propelled the motivation to read the research into a plant-based diet
  • realising we can take control of our health and why a diagnosis is not always the final word
  • planning for longevity with a plant-based diet, without compromising performance and physical goals
  • how the transition wasn’t all roses and how it requires an understanding of your ‘why’
  • understanding the difference between delayed gratification and instant gratification, and why it’s so important
  • where the best place to get started on your journey may be
  • Simon on the most shocking studies he has found in his research
  • understanding the planetary and hunger crisis on a larger scale and finding hope in our power to adapt quickly
  • questioning vitamin insufficiencies with a plant-predominant diet, with a spotlight on iron and selenium
  • uncovering the truth about soy and testosterone levels, the production of soy and GMO confusion
  • coffee, caffeine and anxiety, is decaf still a nutritional powerhouse?
  • how do we empower and teach our children to care for this planet

This is a really powerful episode. It is loaded with information and facts for you to head out into the world and to make more informed decisions about your health and your future. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to be present for this conversation and to have walked away feeling more equipped with the knowledge I too needed with planning a well rounded plant-based diet, but also the environmental considerations of our food and our footprint too.

Simon’s new book literally blew my mind, and I don’t say that lightly. When I began reading the book I had a preconceived assumption that I would probably already know a lot of the content that was included in this book, but I was truly mistaken. I have been plant-based for 4 years and I read through this book and was so incredibly grateful because there was so much that I still hadn’t learnt or discovered yet. I definitely recommend heading out and sourcing your own copy, it is available almost everywhere you can find books right now, or you can follow this link.

I am so excited to see how the world adapts and changes with the gift that is Simon’s book. It is empowering the reader with all they need to know to make more conscious steps forward, and we hope to have accomplished the same mission with our conversation here today. If you would like to connect with Simon on Instagram you can find him here, or read through his wonderfully informative blog here.

Thank you for joining Simon and I today for this episode, we are very excited to share this one with you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to either of us on Instagram, and if you liked this episode we would love to see what you thought over on the Apple Podcast App.

Okay, its time! Get listening and load up on all you need to know today with the brilliant Simon Hill!

Happy listening xx

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