Hello and welcome to the first episode of 2021 and might I say… we are starting off the year with a magical conversation with the incredible Ryan Mannix.

Who is Ryan Mannix at a glance?

Rye was a pro athlete running for Australia, who after an unfortunate accident with a motorbike during a race was left with a lost sense of identity as everything he knew was upended by strenuous injury.

But this is only a small portion his journey, with so much greatness since and so much more to still unfold!

Rye stumbled upon yoga during his recovery and subsequently found his way into becoming one of Victoria’s most well known faces of mindful movement; teaching meditation and yoga, state and Australia wide and leading incredible running groups that cultivate a sense of community and collective growth.

This man is a wonder, with a passion for service and I am so excited for you to dive into this episode and into all of the incredible teachings he shares with us.

This conversation feels like magic. There is something so welcoming and calming about Rye’s presence and voice.

Rye talks to us about connecting into our bodies, our feelings and finding a greater sense of awareness in everything around us. He provides a very beautiful insight into how we can accept and even welcome anxiety. He graces us with countless philosophies from buddhism, yoga sutras and from the great teachers like Ram Das.

Rye is all about collective elevation and accelerating as a community and he leads by example by teaching from the heart here in this episode today, sharing from a place of genuine intent of helping elevate the consciousness of whoever finds this episode.

We touch on comparison, celebrating the wins of others, on the spot mindful practices, why values are important, running away from our problems, vulnerability and shared experience, and why it’s so important for us to ‘allow’ our emotions to just be.

If you would like to connect with Rye you can find him on instagram at @ryanmannix_yoga or at his new studio in Torquay – It’s All Yoga.

Connect with your host on Instagram at @stephsanzaro xx

This episode discusses:

  • running towards life, but away from your problems
  • why we should aim to spend time with people that inspire us
  • how we can learn about ourself through others
  • the importance of collective energy and accelerating as a community
  • how we can step out of comparison
  • why we should celebrate the wins of others
  • why on the spot mindful practices are so powerful
  • how suffering and dissatisfaction are simply an opinion
  • working and reframing our conditioned thought patterns
  • why we should to get clear on our values
  • vulnerability, connection and shared experience
  • how to welcome anxiety like a friend
  • why it’s important for us to accept and allow our emotions to just be
  • how an unfortunate accident can eventually be the catalyst for awakening
  • why yoga is the teacher

We thank you so much for listening and if you would like to stay connected then you may hit the subscribe button for updates on future episodes, or if it so serves you, then a 5 star review would be warmly welcomed.

Rye and I would both love to hear from you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Happy listening,

Steph xx

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