Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, this week we are back with Jo Betz for Part Two of “An Open Letter to Grief”.

Last week we dove into Jo’s story of losing her husband Craig unexpectedly and how she’s managing life after his death. If you haven’t had a chance to listen in to Part One yet, then I definitely recommend heading back to last weeks episode before starting this one.

For a more in-depth description about this episode “An open letter to grief” please see last weeks episode description.

*Trigger Warning*

This episode comes with a trigger warning for *Grief*.
If you have lost someone that you love, I would firstly like to offer my deepest condolences and to tell you how deeply sorry I am. My love is with you.

Move through this episode mindfully; becoming aware of when it may be time to press pause, take a moment, regather your thoughts and validate whatever feelings are arising for you. The invitation to come back and finish this episode when you are ready is warmly welcomed, as I believe these episodes (Part One and Part Two) carry a lot of power in helping to normalise the conversation surrounding grief.

In Part Two we wrap up our beautiful conversation together, normalising the conversation surrounding grief.

Jo and I discuss:

  • why we can’t tick off the stages of grief like a checklist
  • the value behind seeing a psychologist in and outside of grief
  • what it means to find closure
  • the balance of grieving and parenting at the same time 
  • the physical effects of grief no one really discusses
  • when everyone returns to their normal life, but life isn’t normal for you anymore 
  • being forgotten in your grief
  • finding a spiritual connection to the person we have lost 
  • life after, the reality of life after death 
  • grieving the loss of ‘time to grieve’, during a pandemic that has taken precedence

Over two parts, Jo has done such a beautiful and graceful job of shining light into the realities of grief that a lot of us feel but don’t have the words to describe or maybe feel as though we are not allowed.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jo Betz for joining us for two magical episodes and for sharing in such an incredibly inspiring way. She helps us all know that it is okay to grieve, however that may look for us.

If you would like to get in contact with Jo, you can find her through the sources below.

Jo is online at https://www.jobetz.com.au

Find Jo on Instagram Here

If you have any thoughts or messages please feel free to message Jo or I, we would love to hear from you!

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Happy listening lovelys,

Steph x

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