Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today you are joining me for a solo episode on limiting beliefs and putting yourself out there.

In this short solo episode we will be talking about:

  • uncovering limiting beliefs through therapy
  • therapy as a means for mental exploration
  • my personal experience with anxiety
  • protection mechanisms in my life
  • the benefits I found from stepping into the discomfort
  • breaking through my fear of travelling alone
  • following the call of your soul
  • understanding what we are capable of
  • the importance of clear intentions and manifestation
  • why we need to take action in manifestation
  • stepping into alignment with your goals
  • the impact of self worth and self love on our belief of what we deserve

Thank you so much for joining me for this weeks episode, I love sharing little snippets from my life with you all, that I have found to be extremely profound in my growth and I hope they provoke a new line of thinking within your own.

You can connect with me via instagram at @stephsanzaro

Happy listening,

Steph xx

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