Hi all, welcome back to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today we are joined by the electric Tom Robb, a speaker, yoga teacher, outdoor facilitator, mediation teacher and mentor.

That’s right… he does all of those things! Tom oozes passion for helping others become the best versions of themselves.

He has a strong love for self development and along his self improvement journey he has created some wonderful resources that now helps other’s on their journey too.

Life Is The Way is his business and Tom speaks today about how ”Life doesn’t get in the way, life is the way”.

In today’s episode, Tom and I discuss:

  • finding freedom and flexible income with yoga teaching
  • opening your mind to self development
  • working with young minds and providing a safe space for them
  • why it’s never too late to start, age is no barrier
  • why life doesn’t get in the way, life is the way
  • why we need to act on our ideas and passions instantly
  • breaking the stigma of Men’s mental health at a young age
  • why operating at your highest frequency is important for everyone around you
  • why your uniqueness is what makes you special in this life
  • why ”you don’t lose; you learn”
  • why we need to communicate openly and check in on the people around us regularly
  • why we need to step outside the box of social norms and be our authentic selves
  • a message we need to share with our kids

This was such a rad episode to sit down and record and it carries a lot of power along with it’s words.

A big thank you to Tom for showing up exactly as he is and being his best self for us today.

You can find more from Tom on instagram

Or find him through his website

Thank you to you, for joining Tom and I today and sharing your time with us both! We would love to hear from you and hear what you think 🙂

Happy listening,

Steph xx

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