Welcome back to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast!

Today you are joining me for a small solo episode on why I believe that everything happens for a reason.

In the past 6 months life has been a crazy ride for myself and for many others. Yet through a change of mindset and a shift in perspective, I have truly grown to believe that my circumstances these past few months have all happened for a reason.

In this episode I will tell you about my journey over this time, and the things I have found comfort and resolve in.

We will discuss the importance of gratitude and the life changing effects that expressing gratitude daily can do for your mindset.

In life we encounter many ups and downs and sometimes our greatest moments of hardship can feel unfair and unjust. We question how this could possibly have ever happened to us?

But it is in my experience that these hardships can teach us so much about ourselves. That we can then use these hardships to grow strength and resilience and move forward through life as a more evolved and better version of ourselves.

It is my belief that everything happens to us for a reason, to either teach us something or to give us a certain understanding and depth we were foreign to before.

It’s how we use these hardships, that really shapes the people we become.

Choose gratitude and positivity.

If you connected with the epsisode or its message, I would love to hear from you. You can connect with me here on instagram or you can share it to your story to spread the message further 🙂

Happy listening,

Steph xx

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