Hey guys, welcome back to the Plant Based Body Podcast!

Todays episode is a little audio blog about my crazy experiences in India in the last 2 months!

There have been many ups… but also a few downs!

In this episode I chat about:

  • my little rafting disaster that saw me go through my first near death experience
  • traveling with 4 other people during a stomach bug that saw me on and off the toilet for days
  • hiking through the desert and ditching our camels
  • getting another stomach bug that saw me land in a sketchy Indian hospital
  • learning the importance of listening to your body and resting

It has been a really amazing 2 months here in India and whilst I may talk about a few of the negatives here in todays episode, this trip has truly been the best thing I have ever done for myself in my entire life.

Getting out of my own country and seeing the beautiful land that is India, meeting incredible people, undertaking yoga teacher training, seeing incredible monuments and forts and so much more.

This is a place that I will always remember travelling too and the positives far out weigh any possible negatives!

Happy listening,

Steph xx

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