7 days ago I made a huge decision.

To cancel my Netflix and Stan subscriptions (enter gasp and mouth drop).

For some of you out there, you may not understand the absolute enormity of this decision for me… but for those of you out there who are fellow ‘Tv Show Binge Watchers’… you will completely get me.

For as long as I can remember I have always consumed content in this way.

As a kid I used to visit my dad every second weekend. We used to spend hours on end watching tv shows and movies that I would bring back from my yearly trip with my mum.

My mum and I would go to Bali once every year or two and I would save up all my pennies to buy all of the latest tv shows so that I’d be up to date. As an only-child, this is how I would spend most of my time (all of my time).

As an adult though, I never really grew out of this habit.

I guess it became a pretty unhealthy way of escaping the real world, to zone out and numb myself a little.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve been horrible in the last 6 months but before then I could happily waste a whole day in bed just binge watching tv… it comes so easily to me!

It’s been on my mind for a very long time that I know what an unproductive use of time this has been for me.

In the past I’ve set myself yearly and weekly goals to cut down my tv show consumption, but would usually still manage to find a way to sneak in an episode before bed to wind down a little bit here and there.

So when I decided that it was finally time to call it quits with my oldest friend… well I guess you could say it was like cutting off an arm (not an exaggeration).

Sunday last week whilst I was writing my weekly goals and organising my week…
I consciously decided that I wanted the coming week to be directed towards growth activities and less time-wasting activities!

Growth activities were to be as followed:

  • Begin practicing yoga for the first time
  • To meditate
  • To start reading a book
  • To walk more and drive less
  • To move my body in some way each day

So how did my very first week without Netflix or Stan go?

It was ‘fudging’ tough to be honest with you.

The week-days flew by, absolutely no issue whatsoever!

I practiced yoga 5 times (I loved it, I am obsessed), I meditated if I needed to refresh myself a little, I started reading a book, I did everything in my list above!

But come the weekend… I didn’t have work as a distraction, I had more spare time… and the pressure was really on to spend my time in useful ways!

I went to yoga on Friday and Saturday night (I’m a cool cat I know). I did brunch with friends, saw lots of my family, moved into my aunties house where I am house sitting for 5 weeks…

But come the moments where I was alone, all I craved was to cuddle up on the couch and watch something and melt away and relax!!

I somehow managed to get through the entire weekend without crumbling though!

(I’ll pause for applause in my little ‘first world problems world’).

Instead I fell back on my useful and handy trick to get me back to productivity…

To-do lists!

Load yourself up with all the things you know you need to do but haven’t done, and just do them!

If you’re like me and can waste a life time away in front of Netlifx and Stan, then maybe you need to do a little bit of a detox too?

Clear your mind, refresh, focus on new and different things that will ultimately improve and help your mental heath and physical well being.

Even though the weekend was tough… this was probably one of the most productive weeks I’ve ever had!

To another week ahead of me, wish me luck!

Can recommend/10

Steph xx

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  1. Well done, that’s definitely an achievement! I find that I waste too much time on Instagram!!! So, I now only allow myself around dinner time to have an hour or so on Instagram 🙂 It’s working so far and I am getting a lot of my other work done 🙂


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