My body ✨

Covered by stretch marks, cellulite, acne and scars.
I have hated it and I have loved it.
I have stretched it and I have starved it.
But it is real and it is mine.

IMG_2500It is flawed and it is blemished, but it has carried me every where I have ever asked it to. It has seen and felt more than I give it credit for.
It lets me push it to limits I never knew possible and it heals even when I think it never will.

IMG_2489We did this shoot because I wanted to show you what is real and untouched, what is normal and what should be publicized more.

0AEF59FD-40F4-4F5D-9212-686FD85E51A2It’s okay if your body isn’t porcelain and flawless… because your body is real and it has lived.
This is as real as it gets 💫


Thank you body x

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