It’s okay to be curvy ✨

It took me a long time to really accept that about myself. I spent years only wearing black because it was ‘slimming’, or over sized jumpers to hide my hips, or avoiding jeans because I was so uncomfortable with the shape of my body.


I have been super ultra thin where my curves have disappeared and I have still been completely unhappy. I have also been very unhealthy, completely sedentary and even more unhappy.


Self love is something that needs to be worked on, it doesn’t show up over night. It takes learning to value your body for how it works and how it feels. Once you start to take care of yourself and do things that are good for your body, it changes the way you feel in yourself. If you treat your body well, it will treat you well. ‘You are what you eat’ and your body is a product of how you treat it.

I started exercising, nourishing my body with healthy plant based foods and the way I felt completely changed my view on my body. I no longer ‘needed’ to be stick thin or hide my curves, I wore whatever colour I wanted… and boy did I feel empowered! By looking after myself, I learned to love myself and my curves. AND YOU SHOULD TOO! ❤️

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