In 2017 I participated in an F45 8 Week Challenge and it changed my life!

I was unfit, unmotivated and completely off the rails with my eating.

That’s when I saw the advertisement for the F45 8 Week Challenge near me. I had seen what INCREDIBLE results past winners had had globally and decided it was exactly what I needed!

I came out of the 8 weeks as Challenge Winner and $1000 richer thanks to it!

I lost 8.6kg and 8% body fat. I gained self confidence and some seriously amazing habits to go along with it.

It was a fantastic experience that I cannot recommend enough!

NOW: I am currently a qualified personal trainer working at an F45 studio helping others do exactly what I did… helping to change peoples live’s!

I am so passionate about health and fitness, and even more so sharing that knowledge with others! That is why I have decided to write this blog dedicated to how to succeed in an 8 Week Challenge!


Everybody will have their own unique reason for participating in a challenge like this. Be it, to increase fitness levels, lose body fat, tone up or maybe to help improve their mental health. However, there are some people out there with different intentions.

I’m here to tell you guys, that going into a challenge like this for the wrong reasons is a sure way to FAIL.

If the prize is all you are after… then you’re probably better off exiting out of this blog right now, because unfortunately that’s the type of mind-set I CANNOT support.

In my experience as a challenger and also a trainer, I have seen it time and time again when people do these 6, 8, 9 or 12 week challenges… that go into it solely for the money or the prize… that once the challenge is over, these people ditch everything they have learnt and achieved over that time and go back to living how they were before and end up putting the weight back on, if not MORE.

So let’s be clear here between you and I guys, you’re not going to do that are you?!

Good. Then you can keep reading!

This blog is about helping you to achieve the GOALS you want to accomplish going forward and helping to better your health and your LIFE.


In this piece of writing I’m going to lay out tips and advice that I can give to you, coming from my own personal experience. This might mean that not all of these tips may work for you, but they did work for me and thats all I can offer!

What should you expect going into an F45 8 week challenge?

  1. Prepare to work harder than you ever have physically in your life
  2. Prepare to spend more hours than you’d like, doing meal prep
  3. You’ll struggle when your friends are drinking alcohol and eating take out
  4. Your friends might find you annoying
  5. You’ll drink more green tea than you ever thought possible

But thats not all…

  1. You’ll be fitter than you have ever been in your life
  2. You’ll learn correct portion sizes and how to prepare healthy meals
  3. You’ll create healthy eating habits you didn’t know about before
  4. Your friends will be in awe of you and your determination
  5. Your friends will be so happy for you when you have finished (and Jealous)
  6. You’ll learn to LOVE green tea
  7. You’ll make life long friends in your studio
  8. You’ll become stronger and faster
  9. You’ll feel healthier than ever
  10. You’ll be HAPPIER than you’ve been in a VERY long time

But most importantly?

You will learn how to incorporate these healthy habits into your regular life and continue to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, long after the challenge is over.

Now of course I know you came here for one reason and one reason only

You want to know how to win and get the best results possible for yourself. So here it is!

My tips for success in an 8 Week Challenge:

  1. Follow the F45 challenge app – it is your BIBLE! It 100 percent tells you everything you need to do.
  2. SLEEP! I promise you, your body will need it for recovery and it optimises your weight loss. So prioritise sleep!
  3. Magnesium will be your best friend. Spray or powder are your most effective options. You’ll pull up shocking if you forget to take it!
  4. DRINK! And no, sorry… not alcohol. W.A.T.E.R people, its that simple. 3 litres, cleanse your body and hydrate those cells. Set a reminder on your phone to remind you!
  5. Utilise Green Tea. It speeds up your metabolism and has been said to help the weightless process. 3 – 5 cups daily.
  6. Stay accountable. Keep a diary, or make an instagram and make daily posts so that you are constantly staying on track with your goal.
  7. Be ORGANISED! Do your prep or buy the meals… if it’s all ready to go you’re less likely to stray! Preparation = Success.
  8. Going out with friends: Eat before hand or bring your prep along (ignore other people’s looks, you’re doing this for YOU and YOU only).
  9. Slip ups? DON’T GIVE UP after a bad day or a bad weekend. Start again fresh the next day, eat according to plan and make sure to TRAIN!
  10. Tell your friends, your partner, your family and your cousin’s uncle’s turtle, that you are participating in this challenge and that their support is important to you… this way, they are less likely to encourage you to go out for beers and dinner.
  11. DON’T SKIP MEALS! Eat your snacks AND your meals. They are designed to get your metabolism going all through the day and have you metabolising fat properly. Skip meals = slow metabolism = less fat loss.
  12. DON’T OVER TRAIN! If you are doing double sessions every day and not having a rest day, you’ve only got yourself to blame when you don’t get results. Your muscle fibres need time to rest after being ‘torn’ in order to optimally gain lean muscle tone and to repair. 5-6 sessions a week is prime.
  13. Get your meals all ready to go for the next day (for work/uni) before you go to bed and lay out your exercise clothes on the floor next to your bed. Set your intention for the next day!
  14. If you’re too sore to train, go for a light walk or swim. Keep that body active!
  15. Don’t just show up to class… actually PUSH yourself and PUSH your weights (within skill level). The higher your heart rate the better in cardio AND weights.
  16. Buy a Lionheart heart rate monitor. You’ll get competitive with yourself and others. Beat 45 points minimum. Stay within those top two heart rates zones on the screen!
  17. Hollywood walk of fame baby. Saturday morning classes will shock your body like no other session! Never miss a Saturday.
  18. STRETCH!!!!! Can’t stress this one enough. 15 seconds on each muscle you worked, after every session. Don’t have time? Do it in the shower! You’ll recover twice as quick AND become more flexible (benefits everyone really…).
  19. Get past week 2 and then week 4. These are your hurdles, once you do that it’s all easy breezy from there!
  20. LASTLY… don’t think of this as ‘8 weeks’… this is a lifestyle change you have to incorporate into your every day life, so learn to love it and enjoy the process!!



There you have it is guys, my top 20 tips to achieving the results you want in an F45 8 Week Challenge!

I know it can be a pretty daunting thought at first, to want to make a massive change in your life and in your health. But I assure you guys that once you make that first step, you will honestly thank yourself for a very long time to come.

If you have any further questions you can email me at or follow me on instagram at

It’s been a pleasure.

Steph xx

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