Hello friends

Today, we are going to talk about New Year’s resolutions and our obsession with setting ourselves silly weight loss goals that we just can’t seem to complete.

I’m here to offer you something else to consider this year…

SO without further ado here we go…

We are at that time of year again guys where everyone is celebrating Christmas and The Year coming to a close.

There’s been lots of over indulging, eating, partying and drinking half our weight in alcohol (or is that just me?)…

Christmas party 2018

So its getting to about that time now…

Can you guess what time that is?

Oh yes, very good.

You’d be spot on…

It’s that time where people are starting to regret their choices over the Christmas period and are starting to make those unrealistic weight-loss New Year’s resolutions.


‘Im gonna drop 10 kilos next year’… ‘I wanna lose the belly by march’… ‘Im going to lose 2 dress sizes this year… sound familiar? These resolutions come in many shapes and sizes but this is generally the chatter we start to hear and tell our friends as the year is closing.

We make these big weight loss goals for the new year… but just as predictable as always we start out crash-hot on January 1st…

But just like every year we soon discover that with the sun out and the temptations in full force, our unrealistic weight loss goal is inevitably about to be derailed and thrown in the bin.

What follows this beautiful disaster of weight loss pipe dreams, is generally a nasty pile of shame and disappointment, followed by a big bucket full of self loathing… that again you haven’t stuck to your New Year’s resolution.

So lets skip the dispappointment and the self loathing if thats okay with you guys… and skip right to the fun part about making healthy and achievable goals for you to work on over the next year!

So lets do it.

As I shared with you all in my last blog, I have always struggled with body image and my weight. So when I write this blog I’m speaking from past experience that my New Year’s resolutions have ALWAYS revolved around weight too.

Something along the lines of ‘Losing 5 kilos by such and such’ or ‘being able to fit into that dress I bought 6 years ago that I’ve never worn’ (and never will, lets be real)…. and everrrrrrry single year without fail that resolution has crumbled to pieces.

But this year was different.

This year I didn’t set a ‘resolution’. This year was about focusing on other things that I can work on, that weren’t weight related. Little things like building my strength or healing my skin or my energy levels.

These were things that I chose to work on over the past year and am happy to say have had successful outcomes with and ultimately… I am the happiest in my self and my body than I have ever been in my life!

So I thought I might share a few different things to ‘resolutionize’ (Just made that word up but I think its going to catch on) if you are so inclined!

Lets start with a big one… ILLNESS.

I know lots of people who have unfortunately not been dealt a very easy hand in life.
For some this could be having asthma or diabetes or for others this resonates on a stronger level.

For me, I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) in 2016. If you don’t know what that is you can read up about it here.

The symptoms range anywhere from insulin resistance, diabetes, depression, weight gain, acne, hair loss, hair growth… all the way to the big one, infertility.

After the initial stage 2 years ago of being a little taken aback and somewhat confused about my condition and what it meant for me… I decided to get my google on.

It was then that I decided to go Vegan, to eliminate all animal proteins and hormones from my body and hopefully cure my PCOS.

I was put on the pill (not natural) as this is the quick fix in the medical world. It acts as a bandaid for PCOS symptoms but does not cure or eradicate them. The pill was meant to replicate a period and regulate some sort of cycle, however synthetic that may be.

It wasn’t until early this year (march to be exact) that my skin got tremendously worse and my symptoms seriously hightened.

Something was terribly wrong with my hormonal system and I had no idea how to fix it. My self esteem plummeted and again I was at a loss for what to do.

Thats when I began my real journey to try and cure my PCOS. I did hours and hours of research, watching youtube videos and reading blogs and articles and I wrote down every single suggestion that I read and slowly over the next month, implemented them ALL.

I came off the pill in June to go ‘complete natural cure’ on myself and can now confidently say that I have had a ‘real period’ for the last 5 months (its now dec) for the first time in 4 years… that is freakin INSANE!

Now, ill go through it all in detail with you all in my next blog but at this current stage in the year I believe that I have successfully cured my PCOS or at least ileviated almost every symptom I had (f*ck YES!).

I am extremely excited to see where I am at after my check up at the end of December! (Stay posted for updates).

So guys my point here is, if you have been told that you have a condition… maybe take another moment before you accept that as the final word.

There is almost always another answer out there or a natural way to heal or at least reduce the symptoms of something. It may not be the ‘cure’ you’re after, but at very least there might be a small something you can do to relieve things for yourself.

You just need to put in the time and the effort and do the research. I implore you to do the work, because your diagnosis might not be the final straw for you too.


My next suggestion is SKIN…

So we touched on this quickly above, but I’m going to give a little more detail for you. In march I broke out with severe hormonal acne again after being diagnosed with PCOS and despite being on the pill.

July. Never looked better xx

My hormones were in severe distress and I simply knew I needed to do what ever it took to fix it. Again, I did my research and I looked at new skin care routines and different foods to incorporate into my diet to help fix my skin.

July. This ones my fav xx

I bought a serum, oil, a battery operated exfoliatior, new face wash and moisturiser, and then I implemented a strict schedule for all of it. I trialled two skin care ranges and finally found one that seemed to work for me.

I started taking primrose oil in my smoothies and stopped eating refined sugars, gluten and other inflammatory foods. I overflowed my system with good healthy foods and began to return my hormones to normal.

All the healthy foods.

I started using Manuka honey (I know not vegan but I was desperate) and turmeric on my face and I started taking a womens health Chinese medicine supplement.

I whipped out every little thing I could and I’m happy to say that my skin is looking the healthiest it has been in 9 months!

I know what its like to have your self esteem trampled on like a boot stomping on a muddy puddle… and if you’re in the same position there IS something you can do, you just have to seek the help.

This one might possibly be the most important one… MENTAL HEALTH!

Guys I shouldn’t have to tell you… but I 100% know that I NEED to tell you… that your mental health should be your number 1 priority. Period.

After all… you are the one who has to live in your head 24/7.

If there is something going on up there thats getting you down or making you feel a certain way… don’t be afraid to seek help. I mean it.

Every single human out there is struggling in some way shape or form.

The world can suck sometimes and things can seriously get you down… but I promise you that it’s not cowardly to seek help.

I too sought help this year for depression and anxiety.

I knew that I didn’t want to feel that way and that I wanted to get better. I wanted to know WHY I was feeling that way.

So I saw someone.

Over the course of 3 months she helped me to see myself better than I ever have before.  She taught me things that I will always be grateful for.

At this point in time… my anxiety is at 5% of what it used to be and it doesn’t hold me back from anything anymore. Don’t get me wrong, its there in the back of my head sometimes… but it doesn’t control me anymore.

My happiness now, is unexplainable and a lot of that comes from finally discovering how to be seriously happy within myself and not needing anyone else to create it for me.

So please guys, spend the time today to think about wether or not you are ‘okay’.

Don’t just read that and go ‘ahh, yeah…na… I’m fine’ and pretend that everything is okay.

It takes courage but if you’re not okay, please talk to a friend. Write it down in a diary. Contact a professional. Do anything.

Because it could be the difference between your happiness and a bad, bad place.

What else can you focus on?

What about… ENERGY LEVELS?

Energy, at the end of the day… honestly comes down to the amount of sleep you are getting and the nutrients you are eating.

For me, its iron and b12. I was told in January that I was iron and b12 deficient… and boy did I know it.

Imagine feeling like no matter what you try or do you are simply so exhausted and tired all the time… that it’s like being stuck in that first minute of waking up, but you can’t get out of it…

I have been iron deficient many times in my life. My body simply doesn’t absorb it very well and can’t seem to sustain it. YES, even when I was a meat eater…

At the start of this year I was so lethargic I wanted to sleep all the time. I didn’t want to socialise or exercise and it came down to those two nutrients I apparently wasn’t getting enough of.

It was a long 3 month recovery to get back to good levels, but once I was at there again I desperately didn’t want to go down that same rabbit hole again.

So I began listening to my body and taking supplements when I felt my body needed them and I also began bumping up the amount of greens I ate.

Kale, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, anything green you name it… they legit became my best friends. To this day I still eat at least 5 cups of greens a day just because I know how god damn good they are for you!

I now eat for energy. If I feel I am low in energy, I’ll eat a banana or a healthy snack and I always make sure that my meals have a decent amount of smart carbs, protein and fats in them and my energy is better than it has been in years!

Just living my best life, Nov 2018.

So take the time to listen to your body… because you never know what it might be trying to tell you.

Next up we have STRENGTH

This goal is about setting yourself up to achieve something you haven’t previously been able to do… like doing a pushup or a chin-up unassisted!

This is an extremely positive thing to do at any stage of the year but giving yourself a challenge to work towards ultimately keeps you motivated and dedicated to improving your body and your health.

Hoping to build my back.

This year my lower back has been the cause of a world of trouble but my goal has been to strengthen my body so that it is not an issue anymore and I am well on my way.

Next year I’m setting myself up to achieve unassisted chin-ups… what will you do?

My next point… GUT HEALTH:

Now this is a massive one. Almost every single person I know experiences some sort of gut issue. Wether that be an intolerance to gluten, dairy, nuts, onion, garlic, broccoli… the list goes on.

For me it comes down to corn, gluten and sometimes beans.

I would experience severe bloating, gas (sorry but we’re gonna go there) and pain. This way of life didn’t really fly with me… so I looked into ways that I could improve my situation.

Got my bloat on.

What did I find you ask? Prebiotics and Probiotics. I started eating gluten free products and learnt to re-soak my beans and chickpeas.

I started eating saurekraut a few times a week as it has amazing gut health benefits. I started taking a inner health plus (dairy free) and started building up my gut’s good bacteria.

Sauerkraut you beauty.

Now? I experience HALF the amount of discomfort that I used to and I can now eat the things I want to. Of course it is still a work in progress but its been a great thing for me to focus on this year!

How’s your gut doing? Does it need a helping hand too?


This one, is basically what my whole previous blog post was about (you can find it here).

So guys this means not crash dieting and then rebounding into your old unhealthy habits… or losing a bunch of weight and perhaps gaining it again.

This is about finally being able to be happy within yourself.

I’m going to say that one more time for effect.

You ready?

Finally being able to be happy within yourself.

Got it?

Eat your healthy meals and exercise, but also go out and socialise and don’t kill yourself over that whole pizza you ate AND the 2 entrees AND the 3 cocktails (Nope, no one? Just me again? Oh well, I’ll claim it).

Its about letting yourself do these things and finding a balance between the ‘good’ and the ‘evil’ and being happy with the lifestyle you’re living.

So that’s it my friends, my 7 suggestions for your New Years resolutions if you feel inclined to make them.

At the end of the day, you’re the one who has to live in your body and deal with the way it feels and operates on a daily basis.

Life isn’t all about weight and looking a certain way. Whats more important is whats on the inside, because ultimately whats on the inside radiates to the outside.

So here’s my final message to you for the year of 2018,

Please take care of yourselves over this New Year period and take the time to set yourself some realistic and achievable goals that will inevitably help you to create the year ahead to be the one that you’ve been dreaming of.

Happy New Year guys!

All my love to you,

Steph xx


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