Welcome friends.

My name is Stephanie Sanzaro, I am a qualified Fitness Trainer, Mental Health advocate, Podcast Host and Plant Based Recipe Creator.

Plant Based Recipes

Cooking has always been one of my passions. Over the past 3 years following a Plant Based/Vegan diet, my love for creating recipes has deepened even more.

Podcast Episodes

In June 2019 I started The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, Formerly known as the Plant Based Body Podcast. It is here I use this platform to talk to incredible humans who are doing their bit to change their slice of the world. We cover topics from Mental Health awareness, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Sustainability, Building Business, Health and Wellness and much more.

Blog Posts

My blog posts offer a deeper insight into my daily life, thoughts and experiences; not unlike my overseas travel to India.

Featured Post

Cold Edamame Noodle Salad

021 – Creating the Conscious Collective with Carlo Cirillo

In this episode I sit down with the conscious king himself, Carlo Cirillo. Carlo is a mentor, speaker, meditation teacher and podcast host. He is a connector and in this episode he connects with us to share his wisdom on gratitude, changing your mindset, making money doing what you love, reverse engineering your plan, his story and so much more! You will definitely need a pen and paper for this one, enjoy! You can find him at @carlo_cirillo on instagram.

020 – Resilience, Strength and Finding Wellness with Sarah McCarthy

A powerful episode, with the incredible Sarah McCarthy. Sarah is a Fitness and Wellness professional who is making a massive impact in the local community. This episode is something special, Sarah and I broach the hard, yet honest realties of life. We discuss Sarah’s early childhood in commission housing, her Dad’s attempted suicide, losing her father to terminal cancer, battling anorexia and disordered eating, living a purposeful life, breaking stigmas, movement as medicine and much more! This episode is a MUST listen and definitely not one to miss!